Web Security

A website is the face of your organization.

Protecting your front door is the first step towards a responsible security strategy.

Types Of Problems

  • Hackers will often deface a website with the intention of displaying their message and spoiling the reputation of your organization.
  • With a Denial-of-Servie (DoS) attack, hackers can overwhelm your servers to the point that your visitors will not be able to view your website causing loss of business and revenue.
  • Hackers will also try to steal, sell or publicize (doxing) any private or proprietary data they find behind the website, further causing damage to the organizations trust and reputation.

We have trained security consultants and ethical hackers that will utilize the same knowledge and techniques to protect you from possible attacks.

  • We follow industry best practices (OWASP and beyond)
  • Web Vulnerability scans
  • Pentests (Ethical Hacking)
  • Code and design changes
  • Remediation guidance
  • Continuous uptime even during an attack
  • Frequent checks and reporting to keep you safe

Let us help find the vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

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