Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

  • Topics Includes
  • Personal OSINT
  • Pentesting OSINT
  • Corporate OSINT
  •  Best Tools / Techniques
  • OpSec
  • Offline Resources
  • Thinking Differently
  • Details
  •  Online, Interactive
  • Flexible (4x 2 hour sessions)
  • Open Q&A throughout
  • Live follow along examples
  • Up to date techniques used in the field
  • Loose structure / student driven
  •  Only $500 ($1,500)

Whether you’re performing background checks, researching on partners or competitors, hunting missing persons, criminals, getting leverage on lawsuits or becoming a better ethical hacker, this course takes you through advanced online investigative techniques to give you a boost in your efforts. It also provides examples on offline search techniques and how to think outside the box. Every technique is explained extensively with live examples. There are plenty of smart hacks and techniques you can utilize to get some unexpected and useful information.

This is designed to pave the road for this field. A more advance version for a select few may be offered after this course.

Courses Description

The material is a combination of my research, 15+ years of experience, a lot of trial & error, practical examples, learning from my mistakes, a LOT of reading, books, podcasts, audiobooks, blogs, tools and techniques.

This course is extremely valuable for:

  • Investigators
  • Background Checks
  • Pentesters
  • Missing Persons
  • Lawyers
  • Fraud Investigations
Content Knowledge

The topics will be very dynamic. Some of the topics covered include:

General OSINT

  • Information Validation
  • Connecting the dots
  • Documentation
  • Tools of the trade
  • Legalities and grey areas
  • OpSec (covering your tracks)
  • Beyond OSINT


Individual OSINT

  • Social Media
    • twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, tiktok, etc
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Property Records
  • Advanced Image Searches (beyond exif data)
  • Vehicle Lookups
  • Criminal Records
  • Contact Exploitation

Corporate OSINT

  • Google dorking
  • Technology discovery
    • Website enumeration
    • Job postings
    • Domain Information
  • Email research
  • Deleted Data
  • Advanced Search Techniques
  • Gov data lookups

Pentesters (Not Included)

  • Technical data (IP, domains, website, code)
  • Web scraping (IP, domains, etc)
  • Wireless
  • Social Engineering

Advanced Techniques (Not Included)

  • APIs
  • Android Emulation (Apps)
  • Data Breaches
  • Crime Data
  • Voting Records
  • Dark Web