Maintenance & Support

Just like a car, your IT assets require regular maintenance. If something breaks down, you are in better hands with an expert.

We work with your IT administrators to complement their skills. We can also act as liaisons between vendors to solve problems and avoid finger-pointing.

Let us take the headache in maintaining complex IT systems to allow you to focus better on business success.


Our support service handles:

  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Tweaking system parameters
  • Debugging issues when something new is introduced (testing, verifying functionality)
  • Advising on best practices geared towards the best interest of the organization
  • Interdependencies with other systems (changing network requirements from other vendors)

We have expertise in the following technologies:

  • Firewalls / VPN
  • Wireless
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • VoIP/Video
  • Servers/Virtualization



Maintenance requires regular attention when it comes to tasks like:

  • Patching (security holes)
  • Updating/Upgrading (Cisco IOS software, VPN clients, Application Software)
  • Fine tuning network/security policies (changing requirements)
  • Health checks
  • Monitoring logs
  • Debugging issues when something new is introduced (testing, verifying functionality)
  •  Backup/Recovery (frequent manual system/configuration backups)


These tasks can be as frequent as every few days (firewall rules) to weeks (patches) to months (software updates).

We will treat your network like it's our own! Now that's a bold statement! (no pun intended)

Our Maintenance & Support contracts are customized to your requirements with 24/7 support availability. Contact us for an evaluation.