Why us?


We have a passion for security and enjoy doing what we do. We love it so much we would do it for free, but you didn't read that here!


Our goal is to leave you more secure and confident of your network and security posture than our first conversation.

No Compromise

We only work with the best, whether it's the top resources, efficient techniques or optimum tools. Quality over quantity.

Knowledge is Power

We empower customers with the knowledge to make better decisions based on the latest trends and best practices through open discussions & education.


We are only in a competition with ourselves. We strive to be better than we were before.


We think outside the box. A lot of the times the solution to a problem is not technical but simply requires thinking differently.
 There are 2 types of security customers: Those that need to be secure and those that want to be secure
 Security measures shouldn’t be viewed as compliance Mandates (FISMA, HIPAA, PCI) or cost centers that are only deployed where necessary and minimized where possible
 Being secure adds great value to the stakeholders because
Information = Value
 Value exists knowing the asset is protected
 We keep this core principle in mind and try to elevate an organizations value
A comprehensive cyber security strategy can be a competitive discriminator
Cyber Security is not a technology issue. Technology is merely a tool
Success comes when it is a core part of the business & risk strategy
We help create a balance between convenience, risk and security
Every business needs are different. We take into account the specifics in order to benefit the business. One size does not fit all.
We are here to aid you in achieving your goals better by being your technology advisor so you can save time, focus on what you do best and gain industry trust.


The core of our dealings revolves around personal and business ethics.

We're not there simple to make a few extra bucks. We want to make a lot of money but only on the merits of our reputation.

Our practices are very transparent. We believe in open and available knowledge for all, our blog is an example of that. We're not afraid to give out our "secrets", data is free, it's how you use it that turns it into information. We never hold back on any information and go the extra mile without demanding any extra. Our reputation comes 1st.

Why The Name?


If you're a network admin, you don't need to read any further. But for the most of you:

When you want to find the IP address on a windows machine, the quick and dirty way to get all the raw information is opening up a command line terminal and entering

ipconfig /all

For most engineers, it is considered a foundational command in getting quick info and usually the first step in troubleshooting networking issues.

The "z" in our name simply signifies that we're cool.